Have you harvested all your cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant?

No worries – grab your children or grandkids and let’s grow pumpkins.

Pointe Coupee 4-H is excited to partner with Louisiana 4-H and host a statewide pumpkin growing contest.

Pointe Coupee Parish will hold a parish-level contest in the following categories:

• Largest pumpkin.

• Smallest pumpkin.

• Most unique shaped pumpkin.

• Best record keeper through growing contest.

The contest is not just for experienced gardeners; a step-by-step guide has been put together to assist and answer any questions.

Youth will be supplied with pumpkin seeds and how-to instructions.

Once you are registered, you will receive a packet where you will find a pack of five “Cinderella Pumpkins Seeds” and how-to instructions for your pumpkin growing adventure.

Our objective is to provide youth with the opportunity to grow a horticulture crop – pumpkins – enabling them to have a real-world farming experience.

They also can capture photos for social media of themselves gardening while we are still in Phase II of COVID-19 restrictions.

We want to highlight how the LSU AgCenter can give youth a chance to be a farmer for a summer and learn about crop production.

Five awards will be presented on the state level: heaviest pumpkin, smallest pumpkin (must actually be pollinated), most uniform shaped pumpkin, most unique pumpkin and best record keeper.

The contest is open to Pointe Coupee 4-H members. If you are not a 4-H member, you can join Pointe Coupee 4-H this fall when open enrollment begins.

Pumpkins should be planted the last two weeks of June or the first week of July. Seeds are limited.

Pumpkins will be due to the parish office the first week of October.  

For more information, contact Brandi F. Frey at the Pointe Coupee 4-H office, (225) 638-5533 or brrey@agcenter.lsu.edu.