Announcement from Rev. A.J. Haynes, Sr. Pastor

Attention to all members of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church, Ventress, La., and Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Maringouin, LA, the churches are open for worship service only. Hope to see you in church on Sunday, peace and blessings is my prayer.

Greetings Community Worshipers

We greet you in love and unity, praying God’s grace covered you in these trying and uncertain times we are living in. God has truly allowed us to observe and experience events that only he can see us through.  We as Christians must lean on him for strength and comfort and the Holy Spirit for guidance.  We realize the time is here for our Community Revival but due to situations and the still presence of and the risk associated with COVID 19 we regretfully say that this great worship has been postponed for this 2020 year. We, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will continue in prayer for our community, our churches, our pastors and our disciples. We’ve seen the following that our guest Evangelist Jones has been receiving from some of you on his Sunday Facebook broadcast and are excited for this verifies that we made the right choice in choosing this man of God to bring God’s word in our past revivals. We look forward to our fellowship and assembly in the 2021 year if God allows. So stay prayerful and stay safe in these trying times, for God will see us through this and guide us to a brighter day. Thanking all for love and support of this “Our community Worship”. Your Servants in Christ, Rev. Edward Armstead & Rev. Dr. A. J. Haynes, Sr.