If I were a demon,

I would disperse a great illness for all the world to see.

I would appoint wicked rulers and employ all dark forces

to craft a great potion for me.

I’d collect bits and pieces and parts of each type of flu,

then I’d set them on foot, and start searching for you.

If I were a demon, I’d establish a cooking bowl; a great spiritual pot. then I’d toss all your thoughts in this wicked cauldron and ferment your fears, so you’d begin to die, decay and rot.

Pay close attention to me, and my brew, for the only intention is to coalesce it into a grandiose and intrinsic version of me, and then you.

If I were a demon, I’d devise a great plan, and I’d break all the rules, then laugh as I gathered all my minions, and workers, and fools.

I’d draw up a contract and make darkness enforce it, and terrify every nation who’d choose to endorse it. This contract would twist every word, every phrase, and every clause, then I’d blame this outbreak on God, so He’d be the cause. Its’ contents would silence every nation’s economy so the entire world would be focused on me.

I’d laugh and I’d snicker every word I would whisper in the ear of governors, heads of state, and a few ministers.

I’d crush all their budgets, funding, fiscal estimates, and bills, then delight in the grand mess and havoc it would fulfill.

I’d affect the world on such great scale that the bubonic plague’s bacteria would begin to grow pale. Because I enjoy destroying all things, you see, then the whole world would pay close attention to me.

If I were a demon, I’d steal the faith that America began to restore, and clear shelves of paper products, food and much more. I’d smile as I watch the Dow begin to plummet in far reaching attempts to try to destroy it. Then I’d sit back and laugh as the world starts to scramble in panicked attempts as they try to reassemble.

I’d invade public buildings, small businesses, and stores, but that’d never be enough, I’ll always want more. I’d come to your church and interrupt small gatherings, I’d upset your life to shut down the smallest of God chatterings.

I’d want all the attention directed straight at me, so, I’d shut down all schools, buildings, public and private entities.

I’d be scary and I’d threatened with pompous and glee, and enjoy demolishing your growing economy. I’d try my best to disrupt.  I’d place a burden on people, and places, and such.

I’d entangle myself in all forms of life, to continually cause anger, and bitterness and strife. I tried with the border, used Russia, and had fun with impeachment, but nothing is as fun as this flu and see people suffer in treatment.

I would pretend I could touch and destroy every living thing, because that makes me feel powerful and is so fitting for me.

If I were a demon, I’d go to great length to halt all worldwide and domestic travel, for that gives me more strength.

I’d do anything to keep your attention, to distract you and scare you with all my pretension. I would keep trying to avert your eyes and towards see me, so it’s only my name on the spiritual marquee.

I’d try to keep you from seeking the Holy One, the Morning Dove, the only true Prize, and His words from above. I’d choose actors and the elite so they’d get spiritually paid,so the innocent and spiritually blind people will come to their aid.

I’d use their skills, so they pretend to be sick, but it would be the illuminati who’d be behind this evil trick.

It’d be so much fun to stir up the world, to cause such a panic, so people would be forced to stay home, to sequester themselves and disseminate.

Keep watching me on 24-hour news, as I always try my best, to instigate this sinister world of fear, worry, hate, and detest.

For a moment in time I would shine and I’d glimmer, and force every news watcher to hear all that I whisper.

I’d soak up the fun and get all the attention until the world catches on to my evil scheme of invention.

My time is short, so I’d run around causing panic, from China, then Europe, then across the Atlantic.

I’d conjure up enigmas, deceptions to form strong soul ties, so the media will report all the deaths and false recordings of my lies.

If I were a demon, I’d want a great name. A name, when repeated, would cause boundless stress and pain.

I’d call myself Dilemma, no, maybe Pandemica.

Scratch that thought.  Never mind.  My name is Corona!

Yes, that’s the name, that’s it! That is what it will be.

Yes, that will appease my sick, and twisted mind, yes, that’s the name I would choose to temporarily satisfy me.

By Sharlotte Brian

Until next week, be blessed, and thank you for sharing life with Sharlotte!