In a natural progression of human growth, an infant begins life by drinking milk.  As the body grows, then solid food is introduced.  If solid food is well tolerated, then meat is presented.  Our spiritual growth is similar, as 1 Peter 2:2 explains, “like newborn babies,” we “crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.”  Walking out our salvation takes a lifetime.  As our human body grows, our spirit yearns to develop as well.  Just like the human body, if properly fed, the spirit graduates from spiritual milk, to solid food, to meat, and then, it advances to God’s mysteries.

Moving from milk- to mystery may take longer for some than others.  As we grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Christ, we mature through each stage.  Yet, each stage can come with its own hazards.  If we drink milk for too long, when we try the meat, it tastes too strong.  If we eat too much meat for too long, we clog up our arteries and fog up our brains.  If we’re too clogged up, there is so no pathway available to receive God’s mysteries and wonders.

Yet, God is patient!  He waits to embrace us at each stage of maturity.  When we allow God to live and move and have our being, He will take us from one glory to another. Jesus emphasizes in Matthew 18:3 how He does not want us to lose our innocence.  He encourages us to believe as innocent as a child, so that divine mysteries and hidden truths from heaven can be revealed.

If you lack maturity, Jesus will come to your rescue.  If you’ve been kicked down, then God will pick you up.  He will dust off your shoes, and bandage your knee.  God will straighten your collar and adjust your bow. He will square your shoulders, pat you on the head, and recalculate your GPS.  He will turn your shoulders around, and point you in the right direction again.

    So, no matter which stage your in, God will not cry over a little spilled milk, He will meet you where you are!  Jesus died for you. He wants to sup with you and become your friend! The Holy Spirit will always bubble up with excitement to teach His wonders and deep secrets.

    Until next week, have a blessed day, and thank you for sharing life with Sharlotte!