A photographer with roots in Pointe Coupee Parish is seeking images of historic people and places for a self-funded project to tell the story of the parish.

Lisa LeJeune – who now lives in California – will be in New Roads during the Christmas Parade and will stay in town through Dec. 14 to photograph the images and places of the parish in preparation of the parish’s 300th anniversary.

“I am creating photographs of individual people who live in Louisiana and especially of the people of Pointe Coupee Parish who have lived in the area for many years,” LeJeune said.

“Everyone who is a local is invited and welcome and I encourage people of all ages to come.”  

Children are welcome, but a legal guardian must first sing the model release and remain present with their child throughout the session.   

The timing is ahead of the 300th year anniversary of the original settlers arriving in Pointe Coupee, scheduled for November 2020.

Photographs will be taken at the Poydras Museum. Images of those she photographs will be featured in the fine art book.

She will provide a single individual photograph as a digital image at no charge.

“I’d also be happy to listen to any of the things people wish to share about their experiences or family stories about living in Pointe Coupee Parish,” LeJeune said.

“I am flexible and happy to work with people’s schedules to make sure we can create a photograph together.”

Names she is interested in for the book include: Allain, Alard, Bara, Baudoin, Beauvais, Bienvenu, Bizette, Boisdore, Bonaventure, Bordelon, Bosseron dit (nicknamed) Major, Bergeron, Carmouche, Chustz, Croizet, Daublin and David.

Also, Decoux, Decuir, Delatte, DeLaMirande, Devu, Doegin, Ducote, Duplechin, Fabre, Foucalt, Gauthier, Genouy, Goudeau, Gosserand, Gremillion, Gueho and Guerin.

Also, Hainaud, Hannotaux, Haussy, Homard, Jarreau, Joffrion, LaCour, L’Abbe, LeGros, LeGue, Lejeune, Lemoine, LePorche-Porche, Leonard, Madre and Marionneaux.

Also, Mayeux, Mousset, Olivo, Palliar, Patin, Peutresset dit Olinde, Poulin, Pourciau, Rabalais, Recuron, Ricard de Rieutord, Riche, Robillard, Roy, Saizan, St. Cyr and Tounoir.

To sign up or sit for a complimentary photograph, call LeJeune at (510) 761-7524 or email her at lisalejeune@gmail.com, to sign up and select a time and day.

Participants must sign a model release she will provide prior to the photography session.