“Lord, draw us closer to You individually, to each other, and as a nation in this New Year! Let us remember that You are the beginning and the end! You started this world, and You will have the final say. You will end it in the timing that only You know. You will finish it in victory for You and Your people; those who have trusted in Jesus, Your Son, for salvation and the work of the cross!

Lord, grant us grace, strength, and a gift of faith to trust You until the end!

Lord, help us to glorify You in everything we do, in every relationship!

Lord, wake us up and show us how much we need You, that we are nothing and can do nothing, not even breathe apart from You giving us breath!

Lord, let us turn to You in our times of fear, and may we feel Your presence as You hold us, and You become our Prince of Peace!

Lord, let us not forget Your words in Romans 8:28 that say ALL things work together for good to those who love You and are called according to Your purpose.

Lord, let us be quick to repent when we fall and help us be slow to judge!

Lord, let us see what we DO have, MORE than we DON’T have. Let us be grateful for what You have given us!

Lord, help us pray with faith and expectation, believing for miracles and breakthroughs in the lives and hearts of our family and friends that do not know You yet. For those who do know You, we pray to draw closer to You and have a more intimate relationship with You. We pray for relationships that need to be healed and restored. We pray for our finances and healing in our bodies.

Lord, whatever we need, You are our source!

Lord, give us wisdom and direction. Remove the scales from our eyes. Help us see our blind spots. Change things in us that hinder You from doing Your part. Many times, we are our own worse enemy. Sometimes, You wait for us to do our part. Other times, You change something in the natural, then You will do Your part. Either way, the supernatural is manifested in our life. Your glory draws others to You, and our life becomes a testimony for You!

Lord, let us not forget the words You speak to us in our quiet times with You. Let us remember Your words of encouragement as we go about our day. Let us not forget the wisdom You show us, or the whispers that speak softly to our spirit!

Lord, open our ears and our hearts. Teach us as we read or hear Your word, that it is not just knowledge, but it becomes revelation knowledge. Teach us spiritual understanding. Show us how we can apply it to our life. Give us a greater understanding of You and Your attributes. Reveal who You are and who You desire to be in our life!

Lord, let us be led by Your Holy Spirit!

Lord, may we hear Your voice more than the voices of the enemy!

Lord, thank You for everything that You have done and everything that You are going to do in our lives as we continue to walk in obedience to You!

In Jesus’ precious and mighty name! AMEN!” by Shere Campagna

Until next week, have a blessed day, and thank you for sharing life with Sharlotte!