God’s blessings are like snowflakes; small on their own, but together they cover everything.  How many small blessings can you count over your lifespan?  If you could collect every blessing in your life, what would they cover?

Over the years, I have heard many people talk about how the most insignificant encounters turned out to be the biggest blessings.  One example came from a pastor’s wife.  She explained that her “snowflake blessings” happened during summer visits to her grandmother’s house when she was a little girl.  Her grandma was not wealthy and lived in a tiny trailer.  Her lack waned unnoticed because she was so richly blessed with faith and love.  It was here that she felt safe and sound with all of her grandmother’s love around.  Their nightly bedtime routine was no different as it was steady, consistent, and always ended profound.  She remembered each night being tucked into bed with the smell of clean, soft bedcovers piled high, and gently folded all the way up to her chin. With a kiss on her forehead and a pat on her head, her grandmother turned and whispered goodnight.  Feeling safe and secure, she waited to hear her grandmother’s footsteps fade into the night.  Intently, she listened as she shuffled around, hearing each lamp switch click off in the den.  With her final pass by, she shuffled to her room and quietly closed her bedroom door, and that’s then the snowflake blessings began.  For the trailer was so small that she could hear every word that her grandmother said. She never told her grandmother what she heard, but her heart was forever touched, while listening next door in her bed.  Lying in still silence, she waited to hear her sweet grandmother’s prayers begin. With her eyes tightly closed, she joined her in prayer with her hands folded and safely tucked under her chin.  One–by-one she heard each grandchild’s name as her grandmother lifted them up to The Lord.  She could hear each cousin, and each brother and sister, as their names were being remembered.  But nothing felt so profound until she heard when her own name was being considered.  Then she heard it; there it was, so very loud and so very clear.  She heard her grandmother pronounce her name, out loud and to God and all of the heavens.  And as her name reached The Lord, it pierced her still silence and there it began to leaven. Then love and peace covered her mind and that’s when her snowflake blessing began.  For it was all worth the while as she waited at night as each snowflake began to fall.  Collecting each flake until she was covered with a blanket of snow from each beacon call.  When she left for the summer, the snowflakes remained, until she returned for another visit that fall.  She often reflects upon all of the snowflakes that built up from her prayers and her tears, and realizes that nothing compares to the blessings she collected in that tiny trailer each year.

It’s been said that big things come in small packages, so what snowflake blessings have you collected this year?

Until next week, have a blessed day, and thank you for sharing life with Sharlotte!