Pointe Coupee Parish School Board members spent more than one hour in executive session on Thursday, Nov. 18, before they returned to offer School Superintendent Kim Canezaro a two-year contract extension.

The board gave Canezaro 180 days to accept or reject the contract. The extension would run from July 31, 2022, until July 31, 2024.

“I’ll take the time to mull over the offer, and I’ll have a decision by then,” she said after the meeting.

“I’ve worked with several school superintendents over my years (since 1972), and I remember when we were at the retreat in Lake Charles, and we were wondering what we were going to do … you grabbed the bull by the horns,” board President Tom Nelson said. “Kudos to you … you’ve done a good job.”

The board could only give her a two-year extension because the contact cannot exceed two years into the next School Board’s term, board member Frank Aguillard said.

An election for School Board members is on the slate for 2022.

He said Canezaro has worked well with board members and responded to all calls from board members and employees.

“You’ve handled yourself in a professional manner,” Aguillard said.

The contract would follow the same terms of the current pact, but it would allow her the same $1,200 per month travel reimbursement expense given to her predecessor, Kevin Lemoine.

Canezaro received a $900 per month cap on travel reimbursement during the past two years.

Board member Jason Lemoine noted Canezaro’s first two years were probably the most challenging ever for an incoming superintendent.

“We all know she took the job when our School Board had a $1.3 million deficit and that school year ended with a deficit,” board member Jason Lemoine said.

“We then went through the pandemic and then passed a tax and now are on what seems like somewhat steady ground, and I think we’re moving in a positive direction.

“We all had to work through everything, the retreat and the possibility of having to close schools, so I’m thankful for you and for us that the tax did pass,” he told Canezaro. “People believed in your judgment, and I believe if she wasn’t in that chair, it wouldn’t have passed. She has grown as a leader.”