Chamber Banquet- Thibaut

Pointe Coupee Parish President Major Thibaut speaks after the Parish Government received the "Humanitian of the Year" award during the 2021 Pointe Coupee Parish Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

Bourg and Marsha Langlois received the “Business of the Year” award for Langlois Grocery, while Pointe Coupee Parish Government was named “Humanitarian of the Year” during the recent Pointe Coupee Parish Chamber of Commerce banquet at Circa.

The award to Langlois Grocery came on the heels of their retirement after 25 years.

The store, which operated as Deville’s Grocery from 1937 until 1996, was sold to Marty Olinde and his wife, Shanika, along with son Daniel and daughter-in-law Brittney.

“Miss Marsha and Mr. Bourg have shown a passion for their community, and they continue to buy distressed properties and turn them into viable businesses for the parish,” said Amanda Stanley, Chamber president.

“Their commitment to keeping their community alive, vibrant and viable has been a win-win for them and for us as a community.”

“I’d like to thank the Chamber, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the people of Pointe Coupee,” Bourg Langlois said. “They’ve been very supportive of every venture I’ve ever had.”

The award to the Pointe Coupee Parish Government followed an unprecedented year of community response to hardships including the pandemic and five hurricanes over a four-month span.

“They made plan after plan to make sure our community was safe,” Stanley said. “Having a unified government response made it easier to get the information out and to receive information for our community.”

The award followed what has Parish President Major Thibaut called “a tough time to be in parish government. When you look at what happened to some of the other parishes across the state that have been hit over the last year, we came out very lucky in Pointe Coupee Parish.”

“As for the pandemic, one of the very first cases of coronavirus in our parish involved one of our employees.

“We could’ve very easily shut the doors and gone home,’ Thibaut said. “But these folks made a commitment to stay on the job.

“Our employees love Pointe Coupee, they love their parish and although it’s been a very challenging time, I think we’ve handled the challenges really well, and it’s because of their commitment and dedication.”