A resolution to funnel more money into education – and related salaries – gained final approval Tuesday, June 8, before the state House of Representatives.

Lawmakers gave the go-ahead to Senate Concurrent Resolution 2, which will grant annual pay hikes of $800 for teachers and $400 for support personnel, including cafeteria workers, custodial staff and other employees.

The raise represents twice the amount Gov. John Bel Edwards recommended at the start of the session.

Additional state revenue allowed lawmakers to loosen the purse strings.

He supported the move for the doubling of his original proposal of an additional $400 per year for teachers.

Plans to give teachers a $1,000 bump in salary fizzled last month.

College education got a boost last month when lawmakers approved measures to fully cover the popular TOPS program to fully cover tuition costs for eligible students.

Additional aid also will go to students who attend community colleges.