A couple of news items in this week’s edition of The Banner may seem unrelated, but we think if you look at them again, you will see … potential.

In following our commitment to inform Pointe Coupee Parish about the effect of COVID-19 here, we looked at how problems with the supply chain and a labor shortage caused by COVID-19 have affected both businesses and shoppers.

Then, on our Around Pointe Coupee page, we are glad to tell the community that Livonia High School has been recognized for its efforts to prepare our young people for the job market.

Welding instructor Randy Jarreau accepted the Award of Merit from the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA).

It’s no secret that Livonia High students have made a name for the program around the state for their work, craftsmanship and awards in welding competitions.

So, what’s the connection?

If our businesses need workers, then our educational system needs to be part of the answer.

Before anyone scoffs at restaurant or supermarket work as not worthy, a lot of the top chefs in the world cleaned their share of tables.

Want to learn what people buy and how to serve them? Every stock clerk and cashier can answer that.

And while we are asking, “What type of job curriculum should schools teach,” let’s look at the future.

Last year, riverboats came to the dock in New Roads and let off tourists, some eager, others curious, to enjoy and learn about Pointe Coupee Parish.

If a growing tourist industry is in our future, let’s make sure our home-grown talent can step into the industry.

The tourism industry needs guides who know the parish and the history. Craftsmen are needed to produce “original” Pointe Coupee Parish items.

The bed-and-breakfast industry could grow if these visitors decide to come back and spend more than a few hours. It takes business, hospitality and cooking skills to succeed in that industry.

Our carnival industry already is known in Louisiana, but it can always get better and draw more visitors if we ask, “What kind of workers do we need?”

We congratulate Jarreau and Livonia High Principal Cleotha Johnigan Jr. for answering that question for one industry.

We need to ask it for many more industries.