Livonia Service Award - Joffrion-Tolliver

Livonia Police Chief Brad Joffrion presents a service award to Officer Ned Tolliver for his work that led to the rescue of a woman from an abduction March 24.. It also led to the capture of the suspect, who was wanted for counts of felony theft in Texas.

LIVONIA -- Livonia police officer’s quick response halted a woman’s abduction and led to the arrest of a Texas man wanted in Houston for four counts of armed robbery.

Livonia Police Officer Ned Tolliver’s work did not go unrecognized by his superior. Police Chief Brad Joffrion and the Livonia Town Council, which also included a service award from the police department.

Joffrion presented the Tolliver an honorary plaque during a ceremony at the meeting Monday, May 18.

The award stems Tolliver’s efforts in a March 24 incident that involved a lady who was kidnapped and held against her will, Joffrion said. She was abducted in Baton Rouge and the perpetrator was bringing her to Texas.

“When they arrived in Livonia, she asked the suspect to stop at Livonia Travel Plaza where she could the restroom,” Joffrion said. “The victim told the cashier she had been held against her will and asked the employee to call 911”

Tolliver took the call and made contact with the offender. A scan on the ID showed that the assailant had been wanted on the felony warrant in Texas.

The officer took the keys from the abductor and questioned the 18-year-old girl. Meanwhile, the abductor reached into his pocket for another set of car keys and escaped.

The suspect jumped into the vehicle and fled eastbound on US 190. Law enforcement from Pointe Coupee, West Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge sheriff’s offices aided in the chase, along with Louisiana State Police Troop A.

“He was driving well over 100 miles per hour – maybe as fast as 130 – and he never turned on his headlights,” Tolliver said.

Toliver radioed the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, which used spike stripes to deflate the tires. The driver then fled on foot along the “Gold Coast” area of US 190 approaching the Old Mississippi River Bridge.

Baton Rouge City Police used a helicopter and K9s in the manhunt, but he eluded law enforcement for several hours – until they found him in a garbage can.

“We had lost track, searched all around and then opened the garbage can, and there he was,” Joffrion said.  “I’d like to thank Officer Tolliver and all the deputies and officers for a job well done,” Joffrion said.

Law enforcement apprehended the driver and made the arrest without any injuries or property damage.

“This all could have been so much worse,” Tolliver said. “The girl was safe, and nobody was hurt in the process … we were very lucky.”