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A couple of stories on the front page of this week’s edition of The Banner reinforce the adage, “Things are always changing.”

If you are like me, you suffer from seasonal allergies — sneezing, headaches, itchy eyes and cough, all due to pollen from local, native plants that bloom in autumn. Among many culprits, two of the most common are goldenrod and ragweed.

An excerpt from the book “A Song in the Wind, A Near Death Experience” by Sharon Milliman.

Generally speaking, investing is a long-term process. You invest in an IRA and 401(k) to reach a long-term goal – retirement.

We often need to leave our element for a short time to realize how lucky we are. For yours truly, my trip to Galliano put my thoughts back into perspective.

Funding for Louisiana universities and public schools has received some boosts over the years, although teacher salaries and test scores remain under the Southern and national average.

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To agree and disagree is American as apple pie, even though it seems it has brought opposing factions further apart in recent years, but I can remember the one time it stopped.

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If you’re a grandparent, you don’t need Grandparents Day, to be observed Sept. 12, to remind you of the joys of grandchildren. Yet, you might want to use this day as an opportunity to think about ways to help provide for your grandchildren’s future. 

Hardships seem to find a dominant place in headlines for news online, on TV and in newspapers, like we’ve seen in the past two years.

If you’ve had an IRA and a 401(k) for many years, you may ask, “Am I contributing enough?” “Am I still funding these accounts with the right mix of investments for my goals and risk tolerance?”

A few months after the unexpected and tragic death of my dad, I had a puzzling three-day encounter with a bright redbird. The cardinal came each afternoon to launch an all-out attack on the glass windowpane of our sunroom.

Two months ago, it seemed from all indications that the COVID-19 pandemic was done – now it’s done a 180-degree turn.

There was a time when three stations (NBC, CBS, ABC) were common on your TV and social media did not exist. If you wanted to find out about a new movie or TV series, entertainment critics were found in newspapers or magazines, and, rarely, on TV itself.

Thirty-five years seems long enough to make some reporters believe they have seen everything, but there always have been a few people we encounter who remind us never to believe that notion.

A drive eastbound along U.S. 190 in Tangipahoa Parish leads to a facility that the Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office view as a possible way to ease one of the biggest problems for the tri-parish region.

The best and worst of times for Louisiana over the past century have coincided with what has been considered the state’s chief economic catalyst for most of those years.

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Finally, after years of ringing, beeping, running off and hiding in the sofa and demanding I text something to somebody, the common cellphone has a reason to exist.

Small-town governments face the same challenges as their large metropolitan neighbors when it comes to managing a budget and keeping an adequate number of employees in a police department.

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