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Public notices list everything from the proceedings of a public entity’s meeting down to the budgets that detail every line item funded by taxpayers’ dollar.

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A side bonus of spending Easter with Vincent in New Orleans was Granddad and Grammy got caught up on the “MCU,” or Marvel Comic Universe.

Louisiana finds itself in that rare circumstance when the state coffers are full, but the question remains over how wisely lawmakers act in terms of deciding where the money goes.

Hollywood celebrities are rarely something I’d write about in a column, but the glaring hypocrisy millions of Americans witnessed Sunday night has made me break my unwritten rule.

The Louisiana Legislature is in full swing and this may be one of those moments when we are glad there the Mississippi River between these lawmakers and Pointe Coupee Parish.

The issue of where to detain juveniles after felony arrests continues to challenge law enforcement, and now they are looking toward something old for a new solution.

Dear editor:

Issues regarding a single fire protection board or continuation of boards for each district will persist at least two more months in Pointe Coupee Parish, but another dilemma may have no immediate relief in sight.

Try to find cute dachshund videos on social media and here comes the “evaluate our site,” or business, or sales pitch or something that begs to be judged.

Legislators in Pointe Coupee Parish and the surrounding parishes have gotten the message that law enforcement and area residents want a tighter grip on the juvenile justice system. A meeting Tuesday at the Pointe Coupee Parish Courthouse brought together officials who said they are ready to …

A couple of news items in this week’s edition of The Banner may seem unrelated, but we think if you look at them again, you will see … potential.

Vehicle burglaries and the subsequent search for three juvenile suspects across Pointe Coupee Parish during the Christmas weekend delivered a sobering message during the holiday season.

No matter how many years they wear a badge, or where they serve and protect, police officers will say the hardest crimes to investigate are those involving children.

Turnout was very low, but the overwhelming response on Amendment 1 spoke volumes about how voters feel about a centralized system for state sales tax collection.

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A couple of stories on the front page of this week’s edition of The Banner reinforce the adage, “Things are always changing.”

If you are like me, you suffer from seasonal allergies — sneezing, headaches, itchy eyes and cough, all due to pollen from local, native plants that bloom in autumn. Among many culprits, two of the most common are goldenrod and ragweed.

An excerpt from the book “A Song in the Wind, A Near Death Experience” by Sharon Milliman.

Generally speaking, investing is a long-term process. You invest in an IRA and 401(k) to reach a long-term goal – retirement.

We often need to leave our element for a short time to realize how lucky we are. For yours truly, my trip to Galliano put my thoughts back into perspective.

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