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A drive eastbound along U.S. 190 in Tangipahoa Parish leads to a facility that the Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office view as a possible way to ease one of the biggest problems for the tri-parish region.

The best and worst of times for Louisiana over the past century have coincided with what has been considered the state’s chief economic catalyst for most of those years.

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Finally, after years of ringing, beeping, running off and hiding in the sofa and demanding I text something to somebody, the common cellphone has a reason to exist.

Small-town governments face the same challenges as their large metropolitan neighbors when it comes to managing a budget and keeping an adequate number of employees in a police department.

Some consider the term “necessary evil” a bit trite, but discussion of issues over the past few weeks have kept that term at the forefront of one of the biggest issues facing Pointe Coupee Parish government.

Changing times often bring uncertainty to residents, particularly those in rural communities.

During a time when cancellations and distancing have become so common in life, it’s been tough to find something we can define as normal.

Timing is often the biggest catalyst in the chances for legislation to pass, but the opposite applies to a plan a state lawmaker wants to bring before state lawmakers during the 2021 legislative session.

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We’ve reached Christmas, which means one week of the year many of us would like to forget. 

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It sometimes seems like a perk, but many times life on the road – even with a community newspaper – seems more like the nature of the beast. The work involves many miles on the road long before dawn and long after most people call it a day. As much as I grumble about it, a grueling road trip…

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We’re down to the wire on the 2020 presidential election, and this writer has drawn a conclusion from this year’s campaign.

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