By this time next week, Rene Thibodeaux will be the sheriff of Pointe Coupee Parish.

Thibodeaux officially begins the four-year term the voters gave him on Wednesday, July 1.

As we would do for any parish resident who steps into a public office to serve the people, we wish him – and his staff of supervisors, deputies and other personnel – good luck.

All of Pointe Coupee Parish should be ready to support and assist Thibodeaux and his staff – after all, we all have a personal stake in the Sheriff’s Office doing a thorough and professional job.

We wish outgoing Sheriff Bud Torres all the best. having served the parish well for many years.

Our soon-to-be sheriff already has his command structure in place, a very experienced one, as The Banner reported last week.

Many things will occupy Thibodeaux’s attention as he makes the transition into his new office.

One of those things we hope is the goal of his organization.

To protect and serve. Many law enforcement agencies have this motto on their vehicles and badges.

We hope the motto is not only a reminder to Thibodeaux why his office exists, but a reminder to parish residents that the sheriff and his officers want to live up to this motto.

But they can’t do it without the public’s help. As we observed earlier, Pointe Coupee Parish voters put Thibodeaux in office. In four years, they will grade him on how he has done. We hope he does well.

There are many things we could tell our incoming sheriff, but we think the voice of experience should be heeded.

Capt. Lester “Doon” Jarreau, of the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff’s Office, will conclude his 31-year-old career with the office on June 30.

At a recent farewell event, Jarreau offered his philosophy, with which we agree.

“The community is who you work for, and they deserve your respect because they’re the number one priority.”

Judging from his past record, Thibodeaux should fare well in that regard.