Livonia High’s football team set aside the weights for a day and carried chairs, desks and other items to help an elementary school.

Rougon Elementary and Junior High Principal Aiman Bayoumi said the school planned to dispose of broken/unusable classroom furniture scattered around campus.

“We also wanted to collect all unused furniture in good condition and store it in one location to better utilize our building spaces,” Bayoumi said.

“The amount of furniture we uncovered was much more than we anticipated. The project would require a lot of manpower.”

Bayoumi, who took over as Rougon principal from his post as Livonia High assistant principal, got in touch with football Coach Josh LaBorde.

“Without hesitation, he agreed to send his football team to help us,” Baoyumi said.  

“The Rougon faculty and staff would like to thank the Livonia football team for their outstanding work.

“This is a very special group of boys who went above and beyond the call of duty,” he said. “They worked as a team, just as they would if they were on the field.”